Principal Message

Welcome to the Peshawar Cambridge School System website! I hope you will find this site helpful for gathering information about our school and how we work for the noble cause of educating the youth of our nation.

Being a head, I was very happy to be made part of the PCS System from the very first day of this school in 2001, because my long lasting desire, since my student life, to be a teacher became a reality after getting a contributing teaching and administration experience in different notable national educational institutes of the country and one international educational setup in Lahore.

It’s a moment of pride for me to have a trust of around 2100 parent and around 100 staff members to be with us for a dignified cause.

Our System is respected for its academics; the only one scientific and competency based syllabus of the country; dedication of admin and staff to pure education by digging away the traditional elements of UFMs; disciplined and respect-giving pupils and
co-curricular activities augmented with worth-applauding consistent BISE results. A walk around our campus will attest to its attractive appearance and our Walls of Fame illustrate the numerous successes of our current students and our alumni.

As many of you know, I have adopted the phrase ‘When our own child cries we feel pain at heart and when other’s child cries we feel pain in our head….This head pain we want to make the pain of our heart’. This was my desire since opening this school and with the grace of Almighty I am being blessed to serve the community under this approach successfully.

I am confident that the PCS System will always be a beacon of light, guiding the destiny of its students and radiating kindness and compassion as it ascend high in its pursuit of academic excellence. I hope that every one of you have carried and will carry a rich collection of many wonderful memories from the school. And remember, ‘Every Child’s cry should be the matter of our heart and not a pain in our Head’. This is what the real education is about and our society’s happiness and peace is based on. So let’s come and join hands as our goal is same!

Yours in Education

Mr. Shah Wali Khan