Fee Rules

The Admission, Lab (only for 8th to 10th) and examination fee for the year is collected in full at the start of the academic year. 10th date of the each month is constitute the last date of payment of the tuition fee:

Tuition fee receipts are issued in advance for each month, minimum 8 days before the last date of payment of the tuition fee. Fee receipts are sent to parents through the students. If the fee receipt is not received by the parent, it should be assumed that the student has misplaced it and the parent MUST contact the School regarding this matter.

In case fee receipt is lost/ misplaced, a charge of Rs.50 is made to prepare a duplicate receipt.

After the due date of payment, the fee is received for a grace period of 10 days, with a fine of Rs 10% of the total fee.

After the grace period, the student’s name is subject to cancellation and re-admission of the student is conditional upon:

a. The full payment of the Admission Fee
b. The full payment of all outstanding dues (If any)
c. A vacancy in the class, since the place might have been offered to another   applicant, and
d. Recommendation by the Head for re-admission of the student.

The Admission Fee and Security Deposit are payable only at the time of admission. The security Deposit is refundable only when:

  a. The student leaves the School
  b. Tuition fees are not outstanding.
  c. No deductions have been made against the deposit.

The Security Deposit must be claimed within one year of the School leaving date. After this period the deposit shall not be refunded.

The tuition fee, once paid, is not refundable irrespective of whether the student leaves the course voluntarily or is asked to leave the course on academic, discipline or any other grounds. The same applies to students whose examination entries are not sent by the School and who may or may not enter any examination privately.

The Science/Computer subject fee is not refunded retrospectively, even if the student drops the subject (s). Fee adjustment for future is made only in the next installment(s).

Parents with more than two children attending the School are as below.

Student who join the School during the term, are charged full fee for the term.

Tuition fees normally increase at the rate of 10-15% per year.

  • One (1) Student: Full fee                          
  • Two (2) Brothers/sisters:  full fee
  • Three (3) Brothers/sisters: 20% Concession of full fee
  • Four (4) and above brothers and sisters: 25% concession of full fee.